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LA Capitol Building at night
Port of Greater Baton Rouge in Port Allen, La.
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President’s Message

Lester Millet III, ILMA President

As President of InfraGard Louisiana, I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to our InfraGard Louisiana website. Nationally recognized amongst 82 Chapters, InfraGard Louisiana is known for “making things happen”. Currently, InfraGard Louisiana has two major outreach projects, The Louisiana State Police Next Generation Re-entry JSOP (Joint Standard Operating Procedure) and The 2018 InfraGard Louisiana School Safety Initiative Multi-Hazard Toolkit, both of which have garnered national attention. The Louisiana State Police Next Generation JSOP  utilizes a NIMS / ICS* compliant statewide placarding system that allows for seamless transition through multi jurisdictions, while the 2018 Louisiana School Safety Initiative Multi-Hazard Toolkit provides school jurisdictions guidance on developing a comprehensive school safety program. InfraGard Louisiana has also been host to numerous (Ten currently) FBI Threat Briefs (physical / cyber), and has successfully conducted three advanced Cyber Security “Capture The Flag” Workshops, commonly referred to as “TigerTrap”.

Other notable InfraGard Louisiana achievements Include:

  • Hosting Two very successful FBI / WMD Conferences: June 29-July 01, 2010 & May 21-23 2012
  • Conducting one of the largest ever Full-Scale Exercises: 2010 Gulf South Crisis Area Access Control Full Scale Exercise – April 6-7, 2010
  • Hosting Two very successful & well attended Gulf Coast INLETS (Intel and Law Enforcement Training Seminars)
    • October 5-9, 2015
    • April 10-14, 2017

Here at InfraGard Louisiana, we consider it an honor and a privilege to be a part of InfraGard’s proud National Heritage. As an InfraGard Louisiana Member, You are considered a “Force Multiplier” in the FBI’s main mission of protecting the Nation’s Critical Infrastructure and Key Resources, particularly here within the great state of Louisiana. Like other InfraGard Chapters throughout the country, we’re not interested in large numbers, just good quality members with a bit of Subject Matter Expertise. Therefore, if You would like to assist us in protecting Louisiana and our country, we would welcome You as an InfraGard Louisiana Member.


Lester Millet III

* NIMS / ICS – National Incident Management System / Incident Command System

Note: The National CERRA (Crisis Event Response & Recovery) Framework is partly based on the Louisiana State Police Next Generation Re-entry JSOP.