Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there a fee to join Infragard?

A: No.  However, we have very little money and if you would like to support our efforts or a special project, we encourage you to donate  $30/year.  You may request, on the check, the project you wish your donation to be used for.

2. I’m not getting emails from Infragard. Whom do I contact to get on the mailing list?

A: The volunteer board members of Infragard have no control over the FBI’s listserv or membership lists.  The only way you can have any of your Infragard information changed is to contact the FBI Infragard Help Desk up at LSU.  The telephone number is: 877-861-6298.

3.  Then, how do I get current information on ISELAMA events?

A: There are difficulties with the FBI maintained Infragard website, the membership database and membership listserv, and issues related to confidentiality of members who do not wish their membership disclosed.  Therefore, we are moving toward using this websiteTwitterFacebook and last the membership listerv IN THAT ORDER to communicate with the membership.  There are RSS feeds on many of the pages so that you, yourself can determine what you wish to receive notification about.

4. Why SIGs?

A: Special Interest Groups (SIGs) allow individuals with specific personal or professional interests to remain informed about current alerts, events, issues, updates specific to their interests. You are encouraged to become active in one of the SIGs.  The SIGs are organized along the areas of critical infrastructure created by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) after 9/11. Many special interest groups with well established mailing lists and organizational structures already exist in New Orleans.  They are encouraged to become loosely affliated with Infragard as an umbrella organization to facilitate communication among different sectors within our community. Their mailing list, membership roster, monies, governance all remain completely separate from Infragard.  The benefit is broader exposure within our community for those that wish to coordinate, announce their meetings or other activities.  Since Information Technology affects all sectors of critical infrastructure, all members are automatically added to the Cybersecurity SIG unless they specifically request not to be.

5. Guidelines for posting to the website, Twitter, Facebook.

A: Email events and announcements from SIGS and outside organizations directly related to the 18 Critical Infrastructure Protection sectors to    Please submit the announcement at least one month in advance of the event or due date and no more than 3 months in advance.  Regular recurring meetings can be posted up to 6 months in advance. For all events please include the following information:

  • Name of Event
  • Sponsoring Organization
  • Date(s) and Time(s)
  • Location
  • Cost and any applicable discounts
  • Website URL for additional information
  • Email, phone number and name of person in the sponsoring organization who will be a contact for questions

6. How can I become more involved? 

A: Fill out the volunteer form at this link: