Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

The InfraGard Louisiana (ILMA) Sector Chair /Special Interest Group Program has been designed to facilitate focused collaboration between the FBI and the individual sectors within the ISELAMA Chapter. The purpose of the program is to permit regular communication within the SIG to further enhance protection of the Critical Infrastructure and Key Resources in Southeast Louisiana.

If you would like to participate in one of the SIGs or organize one that doesn’t yet exist, we welcome your effort! Several of the SIGs are already-existing, independent local organizations, or chapters of national organizations. In the spirit of cooperation and collaboration, they work loosely with InfraGard, like the spines of an umbrella, to communicate with the other sectors in our community.

All members are included in the Cybersecurity SIG since Information Technology (IT) cuts across all sectors and advances in technology are blurring the line between physical security and cybersecurity. If you are a current Louisiana InfraGard member, you are eligible to become a participant in one additional SIG.

Banking and Finance

SIG Leader: Nancy Rowland

Bluewater Maritime

SIG Leader: USCG Capt. Ron Branch, Ret.

Cyber Security

SIG Leader: John Kelly III


SIG Leader: James “Jim” M. Hufft


SIG Leader: Lester Millet III / Lt. Eric Acosta

InfraGard Facility Security SIG 2015


SIG Leader: Rob Muller, MD

Oil and Gas

SIG Leader: Henry Newton


SIG Leader: David Heximer

Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)

SIG Leader: R. George Rey Sr.


FAA UAS LEO Guidance

CI UAS Challenge

Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP)

SIG Leader: Chris Laborde / Jim LeBlanc / Greg Wilde

Grid Vulnerability Brief

Water Supply & Waste Water

Charles J George III, CISSP

Chairs are needed for, but are not limited to: Defense, Energy, Food, Postal/Shipping, and Transportation.